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Bioanalysis, Clinical and forensic toxicology


In addition to research lines, the department has a long tradition of research into bioanalysis and clinical and forensic toxicology.
In recent years, this research has focused on the pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) of anti-fungal and anti-TB medicines. A current research challenge is the added value of TDM for the use of voriconazole in treating invasive aspergillosis in immunocompromised patients (patients with low resistance). A multicentre study has been set up by the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology. ZonMw is funding the research as part of its Pharmacotherapy programme.
There is close collaboration with the departments of Haematology and Pulmonary Diseases, the Infectious Diseases Unit, the Departments of Intensive Care Medicine, and with the Beatrixoord rehabilitation centre and other centres within and outside the Netherlands.

Principal investigators:
Prof. dr. J.G.W.Kosterink
Head department Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology, hospital pharmacist

Prof.dr. D.J. Touw
Head Laboratory, hospital pharmacist