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MB Lab


The focus of the molecular biological laboratory within de department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology is to investigate the molecular mechanisms of vascular, heart and kidney diseases and of hybernation.

The lab features the analysis of mRNA and protein expression by standard procedures including real time PCR, Western Blot elisa's and kinomics in material obtained from cellular model systems, animal experimental models and patient material. Moreover, expression levels of specific genes are manipulated by overexpression using plasmids or viral vectors, or downregulated with the use of siRNA or dominant negative mutants.

In addition, the laboratory features the production of modified adenoviruses. Constructs with reporter genes are employed to obtain more insight into molecular processes, e.g. on the induction of early fibrotic processes in experimental diabetes. Moreover, modified adenoviruses harboring several therapeutic genes are employed as therapeutics to counteract the (local) rejection response in kidney organ transplantation.

For these purposes, the lab is fully licensed for recombinant DNA technology and virus production.