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DEL-vitro Lab


The DEL– vitro laboratory within the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology accomodates various experimental set-ups and techniques that support in vitro research particularly directed towards vascular pharmacology and physiology. This includes facilities for studies with cultured cells and systems supporting functional investigations of isolated vessel preparations, such as isotonic or isometric myographs and vessel perfusion set-ups, as well as confocal mircroscopy.

Focussed research items include intra- and interindividual variability in normal endothelial function and vascular smooth muscle cell function in relation to susceptibility of organ-damage, as well as the changes herein in pathophysiological conditions of reno-cardiovascular disease.

To this end, different vessel-types of key vascular beds (mesenteric resistance arteries, intrarenal arteries, coronary arteries, aorta conductance artery) are obtained from subjects with reno-cardiovascular disease (see also DEL-in vivo) bothbefore and/or after induction of the disease. These are studied for receptor signaling processes and mediators of endothelium-dependent relaxation and myogenic constriction – with and without pharmacological modulation of experimental conditions.

Interaction between the DEL-in vivo and –in vitro Labs by integration of vascular studies and reinforcement of observations on both levels is considered an important aim and strategy to retain the overall relevance of the findings and mechanisms.