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BA Lab


The Bio Analytical Laboratory (BALab)is one of the four labs of the department Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology from the University Medical Centre Groningen.

The core business of the lab is to measure different parameters in biological samples of in particular large cohort studies. Epidemiological lab problems studied e.g. effect of (longterm) freezing, inter assay differences etc.  

Parameters for clinical measurement :

  • Apo A1, Apo A2, Apo B, Apo E,
  • Lp(a),
  • HS-CRP albumine CysC (BNII, Siemens)
  • VWF (BCT, Dade Behring)

For experimental measurements:

  • TPU, (BNII, Siemens)
  • ACE, enzymatic assay


  • BN II, nephelometer
  • plate washer
  • plate shaker