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Data Management & Research IT


​Research Data Management (RDM) is an integral part of the research process, which concerns the way you collect, analyze, store, share and archive your research data. At the UMCG, different tools and services are available for RDM, including various IT solutions (Research IT). If you are not familiar with RDM, you can follow an awareness training via the Central Medical Library.

Service overview

​Procedures, templates & forms

The Tools for Research provides Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Templates and Forms to set up a research study. It ensures compliance with applicable laws (e.g. national and European) and other regulations (e.g. UMCG), also in the area of RDM. In the Toolbox, you can find information on how to write a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP), a document that describes how you deal with research data during and after your research project. For support with writing an RDMP, please contact the RDM working group via the Service Desk CRO.

Tools, services & expertise

Research IT tools and services are offered by several departments within the UMCG. Informatiemanagement Onderzoek provides tools, services and expertise for all phases of research. For example, they offer software packages and applications to collect (e.g. Electronic Data Capture-tools) and process data. The Genomics Coordination Centre​ (GCC) has expertise in analysing and storing large amounts of data (big data) and in making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR). They also offer a High Performance Computing cluster to do large-scale analyses. 


​​If you are looking for existing data or samples within the UMCG to use for your research, you can consult the UMCG FAIR data catalogue or Lifelines, the largest bio- and databank of the UMCG.

UMCG Drive/Sharefile

If you want to share data with other (external) researchers (also external), please use the  UMCG Drive/Sharefile. For more information, search for 'Sharefile' on the intranet.

Storage capacity

​If you need additional storage capacity for your research data, you can send a request to Informatiemanagement Onderzoek

Data Science

DASH is the Data Science Center in Health of the UMCG: a knowledge hub, community and facilitator in the area of health data science. The aim of DASH is to advance data science in health. It does this by supporting and facilitating researchers and their research projects.​

More information

If you have an RDM-related problem or question, go to the FAQs on the intranet page of the Research Toolbox. In case your question is not listed, please contact the Service Desk CRO.

For privacy-related issues on research data (e.g. anonymisation and pseudonymisation), see Compliance with Rules and Regulation​. ​​​