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Scientific Integrity


To preserve scientific integrity, the Board of Directors of the UMCG has drawn up the UMCG Research Code (ENG/NL), which provides researchers with guidelines for conducting medical research in a correct and ethical way. Everyone who conducts research at the UMCG and all UMCG employees who conduct research elsewhere in the world are expected to be familiar with the Code and to act in accordance with its rules of conduct. For more information about the Research Code, visit the webpage.

If you suspect or find that a person subject to the UMCG Research Code is violating academic integrity you may report this to the UMCG confidential advisor (Contact). For specific information about the procedures to be followed in case of (suspected) violations of academic integrity, please see chapter 6.4.1 of the UMCG Research Code.

For more information about the appointment and duties of the confidential advisor, see: Reglement Vertrouwenspersoon Wetenschappelijke Integriteit RUG en UMCG (in Dutch)​.​

Read the ‘Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity 2018’ (in Dutch).