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Research Support

Research Support UMCG


Do you need help with finding the right solution? Please contact Research Support​.


Career & Personal Development​
​​​​​​Within the UMCG, several parties can help you with your career and personal development either through general career support or specific opportunities to advance your scientific career at an early and advanced stage.

Compliance with Rules & Regulations​
When conducting research, you have to comply with internal and external legislation and take into account safety, privacy and quality aspects. Several services are available within the UMCG to assist you in this process.

Data Management & Research IT​​
Research Data Management (RDM) is an integral part of the research process, which concerns the way you collect, analyse, store, share and archive your research data. At the UMCG, different tools and services are available for RDM, including various IT solutions.

Grants, Funding & Financial Issues​
As a researcher, you have to deal with financial issues such as funding and drafting research budgets or financial reports. The UMCG provides a variety of services to help you with these issues.

Publishing & Outreach​
In the final stage of the research process, your results are published and may be shared with the general public. Several departments within the UMCG can help you communicate your research to a larger audience.

Research Strategy​
The UMCG has formulated a strategy for scientific research for the period 2017–2020 which highlights what the UMCG wants to achieve with regard to a wide range of research-related issues such as research infrastructures, quality and safety aspects, outreach and financial considerations.

Scientific In​tegrity​
To preserve scientific integrity, the Board of Directors of the UMCG has drawn up the UMCG Research Code (ENG/NL), which provides researchers with guidelines for conducting medical research in a correct and ethical way.

Valorisation & Entrepreneurship​
Utilising knowledge gained from research is important for society and therefore valorisation is one of the core duties of knowledge institutes as the UMCG. Departments and units within the UMCG can help you in the valorisation process.