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PhD Training Programmes


​​The GSMS PhD curriculum has an extensive programme (more than 70 courses and activities) offering each PhD student the opportunity to join courses and activities related to the Research Institute they participate in and their own specific research interest. Five Research Institutes work together to organize these courses and activities each based on their own field of expertise:

  1. Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (Research School Brain and Cognition​/Research Institute Brain and cognition)
  2. Chronic Diseases and Drug Exploration (Research Institute GUIDE)
  3. Cancer Research (Cancer Research Center Groningen)
  4. Health Research (Research Institute SHARE)
  5. Biomedical Engineering (Research Institute W.J. Kolff)


The Graduate School offers different types of PhD training programmes, each resulting in a PhD degree:

  • The MD​/PhD Programme offers medical and dental students the opportunity to combine the last two years of the Master phase with a PhD training (two additional years of research training financed by the UMCG)  to obtain a (D)MD and PhD degree upon completion.
  • The Abel Tasman Talent Programme offers PhD Sandwich Scholarships (2+2 years). First, PhD students pursue a two years PhD education and training programme at their home university followed by a two years programme in Groningen (funded by the UMCG) where the thesis will be completed.
  • There is a 3 years PhD education and training available for GSMS Research Master's students, that have succesfully completed their Research Master within the GSMS.
  • The re​gular 4-year PhD positions are available (offered by individual researchers or research groups).