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Research Career Opportunities for Prospective Students


​​​If you are interested in doing a Research Master or in taking your Doctorate at the UMCG, you can enter the research education pathway at several stages:

Research Entrances Enrolment 
Junior Scientific Masterclass-BSc Honours Junior S​cientific Masterclass (JSM)
BSc Honours College Honours College Application
MD/PhD GSMS via JSM for Application
Research Master GSMS via Research Institutes/ tracks: 
Brain and Cognition​ 
MSc Honours College Honours College Application
PhD following Research Master via GSMS
Regular PhD Vacancy or contact Research Programme Leader
Sandwich PhD with International academic partner GSMS via Abel Tasman Programme
Sandwich PhD with Business Partner via GSMS

The JSM Bachelor "Honours" and the Honours College are excellent steps towards a Research Master and later on to a PhD position. To enroll you can also apply for a suitable research vacancy or personally contact a principal investigator of the research programme or theme of your choice to request him or her to act as your supervisor and look for funding. Another way to enroll a PhD or Master Training is via the Training Programmes provided by the Graduate School of Medical Sciences (GSMS), including the 'Junior Scientific Masterclass’, a special research-oriented program (BSc Honours and (D)MD/PhD) for talented medical and dental students.