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Healthy Ageing in Education


Throughout the Master and PhD curriculum possibilities are offered to provide you with insight in the biology of ageing and ageing-repated pathologies.

The Biology of Ageing Track of the Biomedical Sciences Masters Programme

The track aims to provide master students with a global and mechanistic understanding. Students will be trained to do state-off-the art research in epidemiology, genetics, cell biology, molecular biology, and systems biology of age-related pathologies, such as brain-, immune-, and metabolic diseases. With a specialization in Biology of Ageing students will be prepared to drive innovations in biochemical research (or making health policies) and health care in an ageing society. Students choose specialization-specific Master’s modules. In addition, research projects will be executed in research groups that do ageing related research in the fields of Biomedical Sciences within the School of Life Sciences or at the UMCG. Coordinator and mentor for Biology of Ageing: Prof. dr. ir. E.A.A. Nollen. Click here for more information.

Summer School programme of the UMCG

Healthy Ageing is the focus of the multidisciplinary Summer School Healthy Ageing: from cell to society. This School is meant for enthusiastic and students from various backgrounds who like to be introduced into the various aspects of healthy ageing.

The Initial training Network

The Initial Training Network (IT​N) MARRIAGE is a consortium of 8 European Ageing Research Institutes (from Heraklion, Köln, Kopenhagen, Leiden, Newcastle, Rotterdam, Ulm and Groningen) and 4 companies, coordinated by the European Research Institute for the Biology on Ageing in Groningen (ERIBA). This consortium received in 2013 a Marie Curie Grant for the training of Early Stage researchers (first years of research carreer) and Experienced researchers in the field of Ageing Research: telomere and cell senescence biology, using a variety of models and technological approaches.