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Postal address

PO box 30.001
9700 RB Groningen
The Netherlands

Postal address for patients

Name patient + initials
Nursing department and room number
PO box 11120
9700 CC Groningen
The Netherlands

Visiting address

Hanzeplein 1
(9713 GZ) Groningen
The Netherlands

Telephone number

Tel: +31 (50) 361 61 61

Route by car

The University Medical Center Groningen is located in the east side of the Groningen town center and can be reached easily by several routes. If you travel by car, the UMCG has two car parks. The first is beneath the main entrance at the south end of the UMCG terrain. To get there, just follow the signs 'UMCG'. The other car park is at the north end. To get there, follow the signs 'UMCG Noord'.

Public transport

The UMCG is easily reached by public transport as several bus lines departing from the Central Railway Station stop at the UMCG. The national site for information on public transport offers up to date information. You will find a link to this site at the bottom of this page. Once you are in the Netherlands, you can also telephone for public transport information by dialing 0900 9292 (this number cannot be reached from abroad).