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Basic course on Regulations and Organization of Clinical Trials (BROK®) UMCG


​New NFU eBROK® course!

On Tuesday 29 October 2019 we have the official launch of the Dutch version of the new NFU eBROK® course! You can register for the course via nfu-ebrok.nl​.

This platform is not only for researchers who want to obtain their BROK® certificate, but also for researchers who already have a BROK® certificate and want to keep their certification (re-certification).

Who can start the course?

  • ​If you do not have a valid BROK® certificate (anymore), you can follow the full BROK® course via this platform (costs € 435,- for UMCG/RUG)​.
    The course consists of 3 parts:
    • E-learningmodule + Self-assessment (national)
    • Centre specific session: In the UMCG planned on: 3 December 2019, 16 January 2020, 12 March 2020
    • Exam (national): In the UMCG planned on 16 December 2019, 29 January 2020, Tuesday 24 March 2020
  • If your certificate is about to expire, you can now re-certify via this platform. For re-certification you have to follow a module for re-registration and you will also have access to the full course.
  • Do you still have a valid certificate? Even then you can subscribe to the eBROK® learning environment, so that you always have access to the current information regarding legislation and regulations that is relevant to you as a researcher. Read more about this under 'continuous learning'.​

Major changes

The new NFU BROK® course has a number of mandatory basic modules, and besides this you have to follow at least one of the other modules, such as a module on medical devices or non-WMO research. This new eBROK® has been developed by the NFU and is hosted by Elevate.

Has your certificate expired and do you want to follow the NFU BROK® course to obtain your certificate again? Due to the transition to the new eBROK, it is not possible to directly register for the corresponding exam to obtain your certificate again. If you obtained your (re) certification before 01-01-2019 and it has expired, your identity must first be verified by the EMWO examination office. To start the verification procedure, you can send an e-mail to Contact with your candidate number stating "request identity verification".

Continuous learning

Because laws and regulations concerning clinical research can change a lot in a few years, this NFU eBROK® course offers the possibility to purchase a subscription after obtaining your certificate. You will then receive reminders when there are changes in legislation and regulations so that you stay up-to-date. If you have reviewed these changes in time, your certificate will be automatically extended: from now on, re-certification will become continuous learning.

Validity certificate

The certificate is valid for 3 years after taking the NFU eBROK® course. This corresponds better with the period of validity that is generally used for comparable training courses. 

Registrations in the old eBROK environment

Are you following the BROK® course in the old environment? Then make sure that you have passed your exam on 31 December 2019 at the latest. After that you can no longer log in to the old BROK® environment.

Registrations for the re-certification

Are you already working on re-certification via a different route? You can just complete this. Until 31 December 2019 at the latest, you can still submit a new registration for the re-certification and complete it within the stipulated period. Discount codes issued are still valid until December 31, 2019. From 1 January you can only register for re-certification through continuous learning in the new NFU BROK® course.

English version

There is currently no English version of the NFU eBROK® course available via the new platform. There is currently no English version of the NFU eBROK® course available via the new platform. This is being developed and will be delivered as quickly as possible. We will inform you further about the availability of this. We will inform you further about the availability of this. The English exam is available.


You can go to Elevate with all questions related to your registration for the eBROK® 2.0, following the course, using the modules and payments. On the website nfu-ebrok.nl you can find the answers to frequently asked questions or use the forum. Is your question not in the list? You can contact the eBROK service desk via Contact. You will receive a response to your question within 2 working days.

The EMWO examination office remains responsible for the exams. With specific questions about the exam and your BROK certificate, you can contact EMWO via Contact.

Do you have another questions? Then contact the BROK coordinator of the UMCG: Denise Mailly via Contact.​