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Innovative Medical Devices Initiative NL


In the Innovative Medical Devices Initiative NL (IMDI.nl) the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is collaborating with the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) to consolidate the strengths of research institutions, the commercial sector, and healthcare institutions. Within IMDI.nl many fundamental and applied researchers from a variety of disciplines are working with physicians and technologists, as well as with the producers and users of medical devices in eight Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs), with a focus on medical instrumentation.

Within the next decade, IMDI.nl aims to ensure the availability of a new generation of instruments that will allow the healthcare system in the Netherlands to meet the qualitative and quantitative demands of an aging population while remaining affordable.

Within the UMCG leaded CoRE SPRINT the aim is addressed that easy-to-use, intelligent, devices that require a minimum of guidance by the professional are needed that adapt to the changing needs of the patients and that need less capacity of healthcare.

The UMCG/RuG is also one of the founding partners of the CoRe CMINEN, together with the University of Twente and Siemens NL. CMINEN, Center for Medical Imaging North East Netherlands, will use medical technology assessment (MTA) of new and existing imaging techniques to contribute to a higher quality and more affordable healthcare. Oncology, cardiovascular diseases, and neural and neuromuscular diseases are CMINEN’s major themes.