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Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands


The Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN) is the knowledge and development cluster in the field of healthy ageing. Within this network, the private sector, government organisations and (care) knowledge institutions are brought together to find answers to fundamental questions such as: Why do some people reach a healthy old age while others do not? The UMCG is also a participant in this collaborative venture. This systematic approach to cooperation aims to contribute to the development of a better quality of life in old age, but will also create a basis for substantial economic and social activities.

The challenge of staying healthy longer through innovation calls for fundamental breakthroughs in core areas that determine sickness and health, in particular in the field of Life Sciences, Food & Nutrition, Medical Technology, Care & Cure and Healthy Lifestyle. Thanks to the scale of the approach, the natural cohesion in the region, the national and international cooperation, the knowledge available and the short lines of communication with the private sector, the Northern Netherlands is a logical trial area for innovations and new care concepts.