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Alliance for Healthy Aging


The Alliance for H​ealthy Aging was founded by the Mayo Clinic Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging (Rochester, Minnesota, USA) and, from the Netherlands, the University Medical Center Groningen (Groningen), the University of Groningen, the Noaber Foundation (Lunteren) and Vita Valley (Ede). Since 2015, Newcastle University (Newcastle, UK) joins in the organisation of the conferences. The Alliance is holding a series of annual meetings dedicated to translational research on aging with the objective to bring together scientists, clinicians and engineers, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas.

Molecular Mechanisms of Organ System Crosstalk and Failure with Aging

The focus of the upcoming meeting, from October 4-6, 2018, at Kahler Grand Hotel, Heritage Hall, in Rochester, MN, USA, will be on Molecular Mechanisms of Organ System Crosstalk and Failure with Aging, with conference topics 

  • Autophagy and Proteostasis
  • Epigenetics and miRNA's
  • Senescence and Inflammation
  • Emerging Concepts in Aging

Keynote speaker

Laura Niedernhofer, MD, PhD, The Scripps Research Institute



**Please note: There is no cost for registration, but you will need to "checkout" in order for your registration to be complete.  Upon correct completion of registration you will receive an email confirmation

Call for Abstracts


Abstract deadline 

August 13, 2018