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Innovations for Mobility Independence


With increasing age, humans develop clinical conditions such as osteoarthritis, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's disease and such age-related pathologies reduce safe and independent mobility. Even in the absence of overt pathology, the high incidence of falls in people over age 65 presents a constant threat to safe mobility. To develop solutions for supporting independent mobility, preventing falls, and improving health, our research combines fundamental knowledge of motor control with innovative technology. Miniaturised motion sensing systems enable an unobtrusive monitoring of activities in daily life (tele-monitoring). The devices help to evaluate interventions, identify potential fallers, initiate alerts preceding a fall, and detect falls. New gaming technology (exergaming) is explored as an ingredient in novel balance training programs in a home setting. In collaborations with several research teams, health institutions, industry partners, and small medium enterprises (SME), we are developing new technologies and find innovative solutions for safe and independent mobility in old age.