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Meetings schedule


​​​​​​​​​​​Central ethics Review Board 

(Centrale ethische Toetsingscommissie – CTc)

​​​​​​​​Meetings​Members of committee​​Additional information; contact details
July​ 9, 2020
July 23, 2020
August 6, 2020
August 20, 2020
September 3, 2020
Septem​ber 17, 2020
October 1, 2020
October 15, 2020
October 29, 2020
November 12, 2020
November 26, 2020
December 10, 2020
December 24, 2020​

​Prof. dr. D. de Zeeuw, ​department Clinical ​​Pharmacy and Pharmacology (chair)
Dr. H. Boter, UMC-staff (member, vice chair)
Dr. H.C.M.L Rodrigues (member, ethicist)
Dr. A.N. Raat (ethicist)
Mr. W. Veen (member, lawyer)
W. Hoek (member, lay ​​member)


M.T. Dreves, nWMO loket (secretary)
Dr. C. de Jong, nWMO loket (secretary)
M. Jager, nWMO loket (supporting)​​​

​​LTc​​​ Human Movement Sciences

​​​​​​​​Meetings​Members of committee​Additional information; contact details

Tuesdays, 11:00-12:00hr; 

Summer Break: July 1-September 1

​Dr. ir. F.T.J.M. Zaal, Sport Sciences (chair) 

Dr. A.R. den Otter, Rehabilitation (member)
Dr. R.G. Withagen, Sport Sciences (member)


D. Gjaltema (supporting)
LTc​​​ Pathology​
​​​​​​​​Meetings​Members of committee​Additional information; contact details
Every Tuesday in the even weeks​

Dr. A. Diepstra, Hematopathology and nephropathology (chair)
Dr. M.C. van de Heuvel, Hepatobiliary pathology and urology (member)


​J.J. Duker, Biobank manager (advisor)
Dr. A. Visser, Immunology (secretary)

​​​LTc​​ Internal Medicine

​​​​​​​​Meetings​Members of committee​Additional information; contact details

Every 4 weeks​​

​Dr. M.H. de Borst, Nephrology (chair)

Dr. A.P. van Beek, Endocrinology (member)
Dr. C.F.M Franssen, Nephrology (member)
Prof.dr. R.O.B Gans, General Internal / Acute Medicine (member)
Dr. J.N.G. Oude Elberink, Allergology (member)
Dr. P. de Graeff, Geriatric Medicine (member)
Dr. D.J. Mulder, Vascular Medicine (member)
Prof.dr. Y. Stienstra, Infectious diseases (member)​

wetenschapscommissie.umcg.nl (UMCG employees only)

Dr. J.E. Stavasius, Internal Medicine (secretary)


LTc​​​ Cape

​​​​​​​​Meetings​Members of committee​Additional information; contact details

R. Spanjersberg, Anesthesiology
Prof.dr. A.R. Absalom, Anesthesiology
Dr. J.J. Vos, Anesthesiology
Prof.dr. M.M.R.F. Struys, Anesthesiology
Dr. W. Dieperink, Intensive Care
Dr. F. Keus, Intensive Care
M. Onrust, Intensive Care
Dr. J.C.C. van der Horst, Intensive Care
Dr. H.R. Hjalmar, Emergency Department
Dr. E. ter Avest, Emerceny Department
Dr. J.C. ter Maaten, Emergency Department​
Dhr.dr. W. Bult, Intensive Care (consultative expert)
Mw. H.S. Franke, Intensive Care​​ (co​nsutative expert)

LTc​​​ Dental and Surgical Sciences

​​​​​​​​Meetings​Members of committee​Additional information; contact details
​Dr. L. Jansen, Surgery
Dr. A. Kunnen, Dental and Surgical Sciences
Drs. K. Delli, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Drs. I.L. Holt-Kedde, Plastic Surgery
Drs. J.T. Bottema, Surgery