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Submit your non-WMO proposal for ethical review


This website facilitates you to submit your study proposal for ethical review by the
CTc (Centrale Toetsingscommissie van het UMCG) or an LTc (Lokale Toetsingscommissie). 
This websites is developed for researcher from the UMCG departments who participate in the pilot:

  • Health Sciences (Community and Occupational Medicine);
  • Human Movement Sciences;
  • Internal Medicine;
  • Pathology;
  • Surgery

Study proposals should meet the following application requirements:

  • The proposal is outside the scope of the WMO (Wet medisch wetenschappelijk onderzoek met mensen)
  • The proposal fits within the scope of the nWMO Kaderreglement UMCG
  • The study is conducted / supervised by a researcher from one of the UMCG departments mentioned above

Please always attach documents in PDF.

In case you would like your application to be reviewed by an LTc (instead of CTc) make sure that you meet the application requirements of this specific LTc and select this LTc in the drop down list of the application form.
Note that only the applicant has access to the study files and receives (email) messages from the CTc/LTc/METc offices. This is, the person who logs in and completes the application form.

Names, emailadresses of other persons mentioned in the form will not be used for correspondence unless the applicant does no longer work at the UMCG.

For questions, please contact the research coordinator of your department.

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