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Ethical review for nWMO studies


For nonWMO COVID studies please go to: UMCG intranet homepage, select Research > O&O corona news > April 6: UPDATE: Covid-related research at the UMCG - Application process adjusted

What is i​​t? 

nWMO studies are scientific studies that are outside the scope of the WMO and fit within the scope of the nWMO Kaderreglement UMCG​. The UMCG plans to have all nWMO studies reviewed starting 2021. This ethical review is performed by either the CTc (Centrale ethische Toetsingscommissie van het UMCG) or an LTc (Lokale ethische Toetsingscommissie). 

What sho​uld I do? 

  • Researchers are encouraged to submit their nWMO study for ethics review, they are asked to submit their proposal to the CTc and or LTc using this page.
  • Check if your documents are complete using checklists and templates​
  • Ascertain that your documents are PDF files (this is obligatory for the safety of your information!)
  • Read the Additional Important Information section below.
  • Start submission using the button at the bottom of this page!  

Local feasibility

If your study is multicenter, the UMCG is not the initiator and there is already a substantive review by another reviewing committee, see the webpage about local feasibility for more information on reviewing local feasibility in the UMCG.


​If you wish to submit an amendment to your approved research proposal, please contact the nWMO Loket. Please do not submit amendments for studies not previously approved by the CTc or an LTc.​​

Please indicate clearly by e-mail, if it concerns an amendment with adaptations, resulting from the Corona measures.

Additional Important Information: 

Study proposals should meet the following application requirements:

  • The proposal is outside the scope of the WMO (Wet medisch wetenschappelijk onderzoek met mensen).
  • The proposal fits within the scope of the nWMO Kaderreglement UMCG.
  • The applicant needs an UMCG account (eg have an UMCG email address) to start the submission procedure.
  • Note that only the applicant has access to the study files and receives (email) messages from the CTc/LTc/METc offices. This is: the person who logs in and completes the application form. However, the final decision of the CTc/LTc will also be send to the Principal Investigator (cc) as recorded in the application form.
  • Names, emailadresses of other persons mentioned in the form will not be used for correspondence unless the applicant no longer works at the UMCG.
  • After submission, you should receive an acknowledgement of receipt. If you do not receive this within 1 hour, please contact the nWMO loket: (050) 361 35 64, Contact.

​​For more information on:


For questions, please contact the research coordinator of​ your department or the nWMO loket. The latter can be reached using the button on the right upper side of this page.

Please use the button underneath for access to the nWMO documents and to start submission.​

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