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Ethics review



Scientific Research that fall under the scope of the WMO and/or the Embryo Act (Embryowet) must first be submitted to an accredited medical research ethics committee or the Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (CCMO), which reviews research protocols in accordance with the WMO. Research is allowed to start only after the approval by an independent committee of experts.

The Medical Ethical Committee (METc) of the UMCG is the reviewing committee for UMCG researchers. If the research has been reviewed by another committee (e.g. in case of multi-centre studies), the Board of Directors of the UMCG needs to approve the study before it can start. Before the approval, the METc office performs an administrative oversight to evaluate local feasibility.

Within the UMCG nWMO system, the Central ethics Review Committee (Centrale ethische Toetsingscommissie, CTc) and Local ethics Review Committees (Lokale ethische Toetsingscommissies, LTc’s) ​ evaluate scientific research that is outside the scope of the WMO and fits within the scope of the nWMO Kaderreglement UMCG (UMCG only). An online submission tool​ ​is developed to support researchers to submit their proposal for ethical review.

​The ​Service Desk CRO can provide support with submissions if required; an offer can be requested via the helpdesk.


The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) reviews  all animal experiments as stipulated in the Law on Animal Experiments [PDF]. At the University of Groningen, animal experiments are carried out for purposes of research and education when there are no viable alternatives.
In the UMCG animal research is performed in the animal research facilities​