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Guidelines for acting in accordance with the principles of scientific integrity


The UMCG Research Code demands transparency in the prevention of conflicts of interests. The guidelines below provide a practical means of promoting integrity in this regard. A public listing of job functions is a first step towards promoting this transparency. The RUG and the UMCG provide Profile Pages that must be used for this purpose. The researcher himself is responsible for completing this page and keeping it up to date.

Regarding additional activities and possible conflicting interests, one is supposed to mention on the Profile Pages:

UMCG job function (main function)

Regulations for the Profile Pages are available on request, please contact the Human Resources Services of the University of Groningen,  tel. 050 363 9191 or e-mail Contact.

Other functions as relevant / in addition to the main function (Related information 1,2,3,4)

The duration and type of function; for example board member, (vice)chair, advisor, member of a nominating committee etc. You are asked to report these activities to your supervisor to request permission. Please use the form Formulier nevenwerkzaamheden. Relations with companies and external organisations

For example if you provide services to businesses, if you are a board member of a Foundation, or member of a committee of recommendation (related information 5,6). The NFU "Guidelines Inducements by Companies" (PDF, Dutch) applies.

Other activities, relationships and interests that could restrict academic freedom

Including financial interests as far as they are relevant to your research such as the ownership of shares in a company such that there is a substantial interest. The foregoing also applies to financial interests or shares of spouses and partners.