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Research Office


​​The Research Office is part of UMCG Staff. It is involved in the development of the UMCG Research Policy and facilitates and coordinates its implementation by providing support to the UMCG Research community and other Research Policy Staff.

The Research Office supports the organisations and researchers for the following topics:

  • Developing UMCG Research Policy to stimulate scientific, clinical and societal innovations especially in the field of Healthy Ageing, with a focus on prevention, mechanisms of disease, and innovative diagnostics and treatments.
  • Supporting developments regarding Research Policy, research output, internationalisation
  • Front office for funding and career support in collaboration with the Grant Support Hub, several UMCG expert committees, grant writing experts, and experts in the fields of finance and legislation related to grant applications
  • Monitoring and evaluation of research output of UMCG researchers as well strategic use of metadata, PURE programme management 
  • Policy development to facilitate academic careers
  • Disseminating information on research policy and funding opportunities through newsletters and personal funding searches

Contact Research Office

Mrs. Auck Ruiter (Secretary)
7th floor ‘De Brug’
Email: Contact
Tel: +31 (0)50 361 67 71​