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Pure (Etalage)


​Make Your Research Visible

In early 2013 the Board of the University of Groningen initiated the Etalage  project, in close collaboration with the UMCG. As a result of the Etalage project the profile pages (MePa’s on the University of Groningen website) will offer researchers more possibilities to present themselves and their research. This applies to personal information, scientific publications and, in the near future, awarded grant information and ‘outreach’ activities available from public databases (e.g. press clippings). This information can be retrieved semi-automatically by a new ‘current research information system’: Pure. Subsequently Pure can process this information to present this in various ways.

In addition to generating data for the profile pages, Pure will also be used as a source for both the UMCG and the University of Groningen website, to generate identical, up-to-date UMCG research information on the level of departments, research institutes- and programs. And Pure offers more opportunities. For example, Pure also generates useful research output within the context of writing a self evaluation report needed for a peer review research evaluation (SEP evaluation). 

You can access Pure here. Before doing so, please check the list with names on the UMCG intranet (Are you working on a University computer? Log in with your P-number here).  If your name is on the list, use the UMCG button to log in. If your name is not on the list, please use the University of Groningen button to log in. If you have problems with logging in to Pure, please check the Frequently Asked Questions or contact Guus van den Brekel (Contact), Medical Information Specialist and UMCG Coordinator for Etalage at the Central Medical Library.