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About DASH


​​What is DASH?

DASH is the Data Science Center in Health of the UMCG: a knowledge hub, community and facilitator​ in the area of health data science. The aim of DASH is to advance data science in health. It does this by supporting and facilitating researchers and their research projects.

DASH welcomes all researchers and has a specific focus on ‘frontrunners’: researchers with innovative research ideas. DASH provides assistance in overcoming major challenges that researchers face in data science and research IT facilities; problems that emerge during innovative research approaches that push the boundaries of what is currently possible. Often researchers cannot solve such problems on their own and need the help of other experts or partners. For instance regarding ethical, legal and societal issues (ELSI) that arise whilst performing ground-breaking data intensive research; coupling of data sets; developing and implementing advanced methods of data analysis; coming up with next level IT-solutions; or finding partners within the UMCG, business, academia or society. DASH is the community to discuss these issues and help solve them. DASH also showcases existing best practice solutions, on the way to UMCG-wide implementation.

Go to ‘What can DASH do for me?’ to learn more about how you can benefit from DASH.

​DASH is still in development: we invite and welcome ​researchers to provide input for the further development of DASH. Get in touch with us by sending an email to: Contact. Also see the news-page​ for upcoming events.

What is not DASH?

There are different departments and helpdesks in the UMCG that also offer help to researchers in the area of data science, data management and research IT. To clarify what DASH is, it is useful to also know what DASH is not:

- DASH is not a UMCG-helpdesk for regular day-to-day questions about data management or research IT. For such questions you can contact helpdesks such as the Service Desk Clinical Research Office (SD-CRO) via: Contact

- DASH is not a service provider in the area of data management or research IT. The UMCG has different departments such as the SD-CRO, Informatiemanagement Onderzoek​ and Medical Information Technology (MIT) that offer ready for use and day-to-day services to researchers.

- DASH also is not the place to request new IT-applications or add new functionalities to already existing IT-applications. Such day-to-day requests run through the so-called IT-Loket​ (UMCG intranet)​.

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