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Responsibilities of RD&B


  • Development of policies in the area of research data and biomaterials for scientific research.
    e.g. UMCG Biobank regulation, UMCG Data regulation; on Assessment of research not falling under the scope of the WMO (the Act on Medical Research Involving Human Subjects); on  Establishment of research facilities and processes for storage and management of biomaterial (UMCG Freezer Facility); on consent requirements and procedures.
  • Coordination and steering of the implementation of formulated policies.
    e.g.  as Project leaders of various UMCG-wide projects, as members/chair of PROFIT Expert teams; all resulting in tools and procedures for the collection, storage, management and use of research data an biomaterials according to rules and regulations.
  • Contribution to the UMCG Research Quality.
    e.g. certification of Biobanking in accordance with the ISO-9001 standard; development of various procedures and templates for the PROFIT Toolbox
  • Support & Training; BiKe (in collaboration with CDI, Center for Development & Innovation)
    BiKE functions as a helpdesk to provide knowledge and expertise to everyone, who has or plans to establish a Biobank. BiKE is a collaboration between LifeLines and the UMCG.
     e.g. consultancy to local, regional and international Biobanking community (Oldenburg, Riyadh, Tokyo, Tianjin), organisation of the international, annual Summer School “Fundamentals of Biobanking and Cohort Research”.
  • Representation of the UMCG in national and international collaborations and projects on Biobanking and Data management.
    e.g. involved in (coordination and steering of) LifeLines, the Parelsnoer Institute, BBMRI-NL, BBMRI-ERIC, BioSHaRe-EU and BBMRI-LPC; Maelstrom Research (McGill University); COREON; CIT (Center for Information Technology) RUG, NFU Research IT Programme “data4lifesciences”, eScienceCenter, Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL) en SURFsara.
  • Communication and information on the use of biomaterials and data for scientific research.
    e.g. Development of information for patients (URL); organisation of stakeholder meetings; information channels inside (intranet) and outside (internet) of the UMCG to various target groups.