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Diabetes is a condition with many associated problems. Complications of the veins and blood vessels are a possible risk, but this can be delayed as much as possible through proper regulation of the blood sugar level, and treatment for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These values are measured at least once a year and based on the outcome, the treatment is adjusted where necessary. But what is the quality of the care, are extra care and support needed and which patients get which complications? To map out the answers to these questions the UMCG, the physician’s laboratory Lab Noord, the Martini Hospital and the primary care providers in the province of Groningen started the GIANTT-project in 2004. GIANTT stands for Groningen Initiativ  e to Analyse Type2 Diabetes Treatment. Treatment providers receive an overview of the results of their practice, and therefore targeted feedback on the results of the diabetes care they have provided. It is also possible, for instance, to measure the effect of new treatments for diabetes in practice.