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Research Data & Biobanking


Research is becoming more and more large-scale and can make use of an increasing amount of available data and biomaterials. This requires a professional organisation and management of the infrastructure(s) for  research data and biobanking. Therefore the Research Data & Biobanking Team (RD&B, UMCG Staff) is established. RD&B is responsible for the development and implementation of policies on research infrastructures  and processes in the area of research data and biomaterials. In this way a critical pre-requisite for  quality of scientific research is accomplished.

RD&B advises on and reports to the Dean of Research/UMCG Board of Directors. For the development of concrete policies by RD&B, the Advisory Board Biobanking and BRIP (Biobanking and Research IT Platform) play an important role and are structurally linked with RD&B. In this way experts and representatives of UMCG departments are closely involved in the developments regarding Big data for health and Biobanking and the dialogue between the research community and the UMCG management is encouraged and facilitated.

Research Data

Research data are inextricably linked to Biobanking and are specifically generated for scientific research, are collected in patient care and made usable for scientific research, or can result from scientific data processing. More information...


A Biobank is a systematic collection of human biological samples and associated data which (also) – as yet unspecified– can be used for research. More information...