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In vivo Imaging Center


The Bio-optical Imaging Center Groningen (BIC-G) is a center within the UMCG/RUG, which supports fundamental, pre-clinical and translational research using in vivo optical fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging. It offers the opportunity to employ state of the art instruments for in vivo and in vitro Bioluminescence and Fluorescence Imaging (BLI and FLI). Three instruments are available for small animal imaging: IVIS Spectrum and IVIS 100 for BLI and FLI and theFluorescence Tomagraphy System FMT2500. For in vitro assays the IVIS Lumina is available.

Detailed information regarding the facility, including booking opportunity, can be found at the restricted area of the BICG website. This restricted area is only accessible for employees of the UMCG and other RUG-employees. You can obtain an account by filling out the web form.

After confirmation by email, you will get permission to access the website as soon as possible using your employee -/student number in combination with your Novell password. Then, an extra menu becomes visible, the “BICG-extended site”.

You can login at the right upper corner in the regular UMCG-menu through the login page

With this application, you declare to subordinate to the user terms.