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The Genomics Coordination Center (GCC) is the UMCG expertise hub for ‘omics’ data analysis, integrative bioinformatics and FAIR data stewardship. We provide tools, services and courses for researchers and bioinformaticians to accelerate scientific research and collaborations. Central to this is our MOLGENIS software, a flexible, future proof toolkit for the complete data life cycle that helps to unlock data to a global audience. 

Life-sciences data are scattered across thousands of databases and scientific journals. Current high throughput genomics technologies generate large quantities of high dimensional data. Microarray, NMR, mass spectrometry, protein chips, gel electrophoresis data, Yeast-Two-Hybrid, QTL mapping, gene silencing, and knockout experiments are all examples of technologies that capture thousands of data points, often in single experiments. The challenge for researchers is to capture, model, integrate, process and analyse these data in a consistent way to provide new and deeper insights into complex biological systems. GCC enables researchers to do so. ​

The Genomics Coordination Center is headed by Morris Swertz​, professor in Bioinformatics and Biomedical Big Data Science’. GCC participates in numerous large-scale international projects like LifeCycle and EUCAN-connect and also provides support for local data collections like 1000IBD. We support Biobanks and large data collections with tools and data management expertise, like the BBMRI-NL national data and sample catalogue and process and analyse LifeLines​ cohort omics data and make the data FAIR.