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Transgenic Animal Facilities


The Transgenic Animals facility is embedded in the Medical Biology Section of the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.  The facility plays an important role in generating adequate animal models that are suitable for studying the basis of disease as well as for the development of novel therapeutic modalities for diseases that vary from cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, to cancer. The main fields of work are:

  • generation of transgenic rodents (mice and rats)
  • generation of knockout mouse models
  • rederivation of (transgenic) animal strains by embryo transfer
  • cryopreservation of (transgenic) animal strains
  • breeding of transgenic animal strains

The unit is equipped with the necessary instruments to generate genetically modified rodents such as a dampened microinjection microscope, equipment to produce microinjection needles and an operating microscope required for implanting microinjected oocytes or blastocysts. In the past, expertise was built up on the generation of transgenic mice using small expression constructs as well as using fragments of bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs), similarly transgenic rat models have been generated using cosmid inserts. The facility has its own embryonic stem (ES) cell culture facility.