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The Grant Support Hub


​​​​​The Grant Support Hub (GSH) offers a wide range of services to UMCG researchers considering to apply for national or international consortium grants. The permanent staff of the GSH work closely with other departments to offer tailored services based on your needs. 

Service overview

Intake meetings and funding/partnering advice

Whether you are looking for consortia funding opportunities, are interested in applying for a specific grant, looking for partners, or support in an on-going grant application process, we strongly encourage you to schedule an intake meeting with one of our staff members. During the intake meeting we will discuss your needs, and develop a support plan to explore relevant funding opportunities, or assist you with your application. Based on the intake meeting we will create a plan for a tailored support which suits your needs. Support for PhD students to find suitable funding does not fall under our services.

Workshops, presentations and training for groups and departments

The GSH organises workshops, presentations and training on funding opportunities for interested staff within the UMCG. Roadshows are tailored to your needs and interests.

How does it work?

  • Find a group of people interested in learning about funding opportunities.
  • Contact the GSH. 
  • The GSH will schedule an intake meeting (30 minutes) to understand your interests and suggest a tailored programme.
  • You arrange the logistics: inform your group and book a room.
  • The GSH will be ready to present at your set location and time.

Examples of workshops

  • Horizon2020 calls (overview and calls)
  • Department-wide funding scan
  • Grant writing workshops (also for PhDs)
  • Alternative funding opportunities
  • Networking events to connect researchers at the UMCG/RUG ​

​Project Management Support

If you would like to apply for a consortium grant as primary coordinator, the GSH can arrange for project management support throughout the application process and cover those costs. Project management is generally provided through the Research BV, but external parties can also be involved, in cases of limited capacity.


  • The applicant must be the primary coordinator of a consortium grant.
  • Financial support may differ according to application stage (see financial support).
  • An intake meeting must first take place with the GSH before support can be offered. The GSH must be approached well before the deadline of the call (e.g. for H2020 applications at least 3 months before deadline). 
  • The GSH has a transparent and fixed budget for support (see financial support) per application. In case the primary applicants want to increase the hours of support, they are responsible for covering additional costs.

Contact us at Contact. Due to a high volume of requests, the GSH may take 3 working days to answer your questions by email. If you have an urgent request, please indicate it in the header of your e-mail or call us: (050) 361 54 82.

Financial Support

Financial support is provided by the GSH in the pre-award application phase. In case of full support during an application, a notice of intent (NOI) form  must be submitted by the researcher and discussed within the GSH for approval. In case of funding for travel (networking or consortium meetings), a financial support form must be completed by the researcher. To download our forms, please visit our page on intranet or contact us. ​


Miriam Boersema, PhD – Funding officer

I joined the team in 2018 to advise researchers on the best grant opportunities and help with their funding acquisition efforts. Part of my task is the identification of calls and increase the chance of success by arranging needed assistance and expertise. I am also part of the Research BV as a project manager.

Laura Damiano, PhD – Funding officer

In 2018,  I became a member of the GSH team to advertise our services and the funding landscape to researchers, and to communicate our activities. As part of my tasks, I organize informative meetings on selected funding opportunities and meet with researchers to advise them on the best support. I am also part of the Research BV as editor and project manager.
Contact: Contact

Ellen van Drooge – Management assistant  

I started working at the UMCG in 1986. I worked in several departments and was also active as a board member for the secretarial organization within the UMCG. My current job is management assistant for the Healthy Ageing Team and the Centre for Development and Innovation. I am known as the ‘spider in the web’. I join the 2-weekly team meetings to write minutes. 

Lucia Garbini, PhD – Funding officer

I joined the Grant Support Hub team in October 2019. Here I advise researchers on funding opportunities that best suit their specific needs in terms of their networks, their research goals and their timelines. I am also part of the Research BV as project manager.

Yvonne Lisman-van Le​euwen – Policy advisor and grants officer

Within the GSH I am responsible for coordinating the support for researchers who want to apply for personal funding by developing personal support plans and arranging training. I give information about the procedures and can help researchers with their CVs, applications, rebuttals and interviews. I am also part of the Research Office where I am involved in Talent Development.

Jantien Oppentocht, PhD – Policy advisor and grants officer

I am the Legal Entity appointed Representative (LEAR) for H2020 and the Organisational Representative for USA/NIH grants for UMCG. In addition, I provide information and help researchers with their funding applications and awards, organise further support and informative meetings for researchers.

Anja Smykowski, PhD – Funding coordinator

I joined the UMCG GSH in 2017 to advise researchers on funding and strategic consortium set-up. In the frame of EU projects, I am particularly interested to support efforts in dissemination and communication of results, both within a research area and to the wider public. 

Nicolien Wieringa, PhD – Research Office policy adviser, funding officer

The main topic of my work is to support career and talent development. Together with colleagues, I organize training, internal review and editing support for researchers applying for national (e.g. NWO/ZonMw) or international (H2020) individual career grants. Furthermore, I am involved in the UMCG procedures for academic promotion.

Advisory board 

Suzette Boontje – Clinical research office project manager​
Rositsa Jordanova – EIT Health Liaison
Nicolien Wieringa – Research office policy advisor​​​​​​​​​