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Funding Support Services


The UMCG Research Office and Grant Support Hub offer tailored support-services to researchers seeking and applying for national and international funding opportunities, whether it be personal or consortium-based grants.

Services include:

  • Assistance with finding relevant national, international, personal or consortium-based funding opportunities,
  • Support in writing grant proposals,
  • Support in finding international partners (public and private),
  • An assessment of the scientific quality of proposals by Research Expert Committees,
  • Referrals to further relevant contacts, e.g. project managers,
  • Providing presentations to departments at UMCG about Horizon2020 funding opportunities (Roadshows).

If you are interested in finding or applying for a grant, we strongly encourage you to request an intake meeting with funding support services staff. During the intake meeting we will discuss your needs, and develop a support plan to explore relevant funding opportunities or assist you with your application. 

To schedule an appointment, or for more information please send an e-mail to Contact

Personal Grants  

The UMCG Research Office provides extensive support services to researchers in the pre-and post-application process for personal research grants. Personal research grants can include NWO funding (Veni, Vidi, Vici), ERC grants, or any other (inter)national individual research grants.

Scientific quality assessment of proposals
The scientific quality assessment of proposals in coordinated by the research office and provided by specialized Scientific Expert committees. Tasks of Scientific Expert Committees include:

  • To judge the quality of the (concept) proposals
  • To advise and coach the candidate in the writing process
  • To advise the Dean in case an institutional guarantee is needed for a certain candidate
  • To advise the Research Office and the Dean for research policy concerning these grants

If you are interested in discussing support options and procedures, we are happy to schedule in a meeting for you with a funding support staff member. Please send your request to Contact

Consortium Grants  

The Grant Support Hub offers strategic, tactical and operational support for UMCG researchers considering to apply for consortium based funding. The Grant Support Hub is a collaboration between the Research Office, the Healthy Ageing Team, Research BV and the Centre of Development and Innovation. The Hub responds to incoming questions about international consortia-grants, and jointly provide services such as:

  • Assistance with finding relevant EU funding opportunities
  • Support in writing grant proposals
  • Support in finding international partners (public and private)
  • Financial support to host or travel to a consortium meeting in the application stage
  • Referrals to further relevant contacts, e.g. project managers
  • Providing presentations to departments at UMCG about Horizon2020 funding opportunities (Roadshows)

Whether you are looking for consortia funding opportunities, are interested in applying for a specific grant, looking for partners, or support in an on-going grant application process, we strongly encourage you to schedule an intake meeting with one of our grant support staff members.

Based on our intake meeting we will create a plan for tailored support which suits your needs.

Contact us at your earliest convenience: Contact

Not sure who to contact?  

You can always contact the Research Office who will re-direct your question to the right contact person. If you are in the application stage for a grant, have a look at the practical issues which refers you to specific contact persons.