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Funding and Career Support


The obtainment of funding is fundamental for the realization of innovative break-through’ s in research and patient care, and provides an opportunity for UMCG employees to advance their scientific career in a stimulating and interactive research environment.  To support the acquisition of national and international research grants, the UMCG offers its employees funding supp​ort and career-development programs. Support services are available for a full range of available subsidies, whether it be internal, external, national, international, personal or consortium-based grants. The services range from proposal and pre-award support to proposal management, contract management, project management, or post-award support. 

Support services are offered by the front office for funding and career support; UMCG Research Office, in collaboration with the Grant Support Hub, several UMCG expert committees, and experts in the fields of finance, an​d law related to grant applications.

Beyond tailored funding support, the Research Office also provides a monthly update with​​ funding opportunities relevant to researchers at the UMCG. If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter please contact Contact