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Project Grants

​​​​ Project Grants (alphabetical)

Brain and Cognition - an incorporated approach (NWO/ZonMw)
20,000 euro for organisation interdisciplinary education; for senior researchers

Efficiency Research Pharmacotherapy (NWO/ZonMw)
Efficiency Studies: High cost med​icines The aim of this programme is to encourage and fund efficiency studies in the context of the high-cost medicines policy guidelines, so that decisions on reimbursement of costs can be substantiated in a valid and reliable way.

HTA-methodology (ZonMw)
This programme supports research leading to the development or optimalisation of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) methodology which can be used as an instrument in efficiency research on drugs.

Food, Cog​nition and Behaviour (National initiative brain and cognition)
Concerning healthy choices and healthy eating and impact of feeding on cognitive health. Public and private partners. Two project forms - small and short-term (6 up to 18 months, maximum. k€ 100) and large and long-term (2 up to 5 years, maximum. k€ 750).

Goed Gebruik Geneesmiddelen (GGG) (NWO/ZonMw)
Aim: more efficient, more safe and more effective use of available medicines.

Gravitation (NWO)
Objective: identifying and stimulating consortia with an excellent scientific research programme. The research programme of the consortium has the potential to provide a substantial contribution at the highest global level.  From the researchers concerned it is expected that they are operating now at the highest national level and being already active at the highest global level.
- The best researchers of the Netherlands (top 3 per cent)
- Strong international reputation
- Influential, excellent and renewing researchers who make a very important contribution  to the development of their field(s)

Health Care Efficien​cy Research (NWO/ZonMw)
Efficiency research study into qualitatively high-standard patient care against acceptable costs for the society

Human Frontier Science Programme
For novel collaborations involving extensive collaboration among teams of scientists working in different countries and in different disciplines.
Two types of grants are available: Young Investigator Grants and Program Grants.

Prevention (NWO/ZonMw)
In the prevention programme TOP-subsidies to a maximum of €  675,000 are put available for  fundamental and strategically/translational prevention research into determinants of health (- behavior), declaration of soc-econ. health differences and innovation public health.

Priority Medicines Antimicrobial Resistance (NWO/ZonMw)
Areas for special attention:
1. Use of antibiotics and the birth of resistance and transmission
2. Bacterial evolution: mechanisms and targets for new medicines
3. New technological developments, particularly sneldiagnostiek
4. Maximisation of antibiotics therapy: measuring out and use
5. Infection prevention: innovative approaches to prevent resistance.

Priority Medicines Children (NWO/ZonMw)
European cooperation bond (PRIOMEDCHILD) of national research financiers who finance study into medicines for children

Priority Medicines Elderly (NWO/ZonMw)
Aim: stimulating study into the functioning of registered medicines at the elderly, to realise evidence based use of medicines for the elderly.

Projectsubsidy (KWF)
Subsidies (2-4 years) for the implementation of scientific cancer research:
-Fundamental cancer research;
-Translational and applied cancer research;
-Fundamental cancer research in the field of psychosocial oncology;
-Translational and applied cancer research in the field of psychosocial oncology.
For clinically related research an additional form of project financing is available The area to stimulate concerns translational, early-clinical and clinical-diagnostic research, relating to a clear interaction with the laboratories where preclinical studies have been carried out. Maximum 4 years with maximum of € 125,000 on an annual basis.

Priority Medicines rare s​icknesses and orphan medicines (Rare) (NWO/ZonMw)
Subsidy to stimulate translational research in the field of rare disorders with as end aim developing  therapies.

Research Networking Programmes (ESF)
Networking activity bringing together nationally funded research activities for four to five years, to address a major scientific issue or a science-driven topic of research infrastructure, at the European level with the aim of advancing the frontiers of science. Multi-, inter- or transdisciplinary proposals and proposals with a global dimension which intend to create links to networks of scientists in non-ESF Member Organisation countries are encouraged.

STW-Perspectief voor de Topsectoren (NWO/STW)
Round 2012-2013 aims at solving innovation bottlenecks, by  bringing renewing knowledge and, in this way, contribute to technological innovation with potential economic impact for the Netherlands. Applications by professors and  assistant professors  with a permanent contract to a Dutch university or by an appointment at a research- institution that is permitted by the STW.
Total budget: €  16 millions, distributed among the Top sectors

TOP subsidies (NWO/ZonMw)
Supporting excellent and renewing combinations of research disciplines and –groups and offering space for innovative, risky research lines.  Maximum € 675,000, directive 5 years.

Translational Adult Stem Cell Research (NWO/ZonMw)
The main aim of the programme is stimulating clinical research to adulte stamcell applications after  solid preclinical translational research.
Total budget: € 6.000.000, maximum € 2.000.000 per project.

UMCG -Healthy Ageing Pilots
Within the UMCG funding is available to carry out small scale Health Technology Assessments and Cost Effectiveness studies with a focus on Healthy Ageing. The results of these studies can be used to obtain funding from similar programmes such as ZonMw on a larger scale. Thus promoting excellence in Clinical Research.

Project proposals not specifically addressing effectiveness, but with a focus on the ageing population will be considered for funding as well.