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Facilities and Infrastructure Grants

​Facilities and Infrastructure Grants (Alphabetical)

On 18 November 2010 the Innovative Medical Devices Initiative of the Netherlands has been launched. This initiative joints the strengths of businesses, research institutions and health care institutions in developing new medical instruments, appliances and programs. With eight Centers or Research Excellence for medical instruments IMDI.nl wants to make new generations of instruments available within a decade. THE UMCG participates in 2 of the 8 centres (SPRINT, CMI-NEN).

Investment Grant NWO Large
Intended for investments larger than 900,000 euro. Here falls under: purchase and set-up of date collections, software and bibliographies, if it concerns a national accessible contribution to the infrastructure which one cannot buy. Budget 18.5 million euro by round. Every two years. Before the submitting of the definite application you must send a provisional application to Mr. Harry Moes, UMCG Research Office. Every two year, an invitation to the departments is sent in January/February.

Investment Grant NWO Medium
Grant for purchase of scientific equipment with contribution of ZonMw between 110,000 and maximum 900,000 euro (including VAT). It is including also setting up date collections and associated software. Beside the ZonMw contribution there is always a minimum personal contribution of 25 per cent.   Before submitting of the definite application you must send a provisional application to Mr. Harry Moes, UMCG Research Office. In regard to this,  an invitation to the departments is sent annually in January/February.

Mibiton Share Equipment
Investments (approximately € 100,000 up to € 500,000) for the common use of developments and production equipment. Minimum two companies use of equipment and minimum a company satisfies to the definition of MKB'er. Institutions can participate in applications.

Mibiton Share Facilities
Investments (approximately € 250,000 up to € 750,000) in facilities stimulate the international oriented  Dutch life Sciences infrastructure and are economically profitable. The facilities have been intended for developments and production activities and aim particularly at the SME.

STW aims at applications which are related to medical-technological research and ICT. ICT-regie is aimed at specifically renewing ICT-research in the field of medical picture processing.  For the total startingprogramme NIG, a small 9 € million is available that makes it possible to 15 à 20 projects approx. €  0.5 millions to pay for.

At, ZonMw claims can be submitted within the normal TOP subsidy programme (see further on this page) for the cluster safe extramural care (VEZ). Priority is given to instruments (and associated services)  which can reinforce diseasemanagement of chronic sick patients, patients with multimorbidity and risk groups for chronic sicknesses.