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​​​​​Award (alphabetical)

Care and Cure prizes (HC Dirven stichting)
In the area of breast cancer research. CURE Prize is awarded in even-numbered years to a basic scientific researcher or a clinical researcher. The CARE Prize is awarded in the odd years to researchers / practitioners who have established an excellent project, the care and / or practices for treatment of breast cancer patients significantly improves healing opportunities that increase the welfare of breast cancer patients clearly enhanced.
Prize: € 5.000 and a bronze statue

Descartes Huygens Prijs
The French and Dutch governments established the Descartes-Huygens Prize in 1995 to draw the attention of the public and researchers to Franco-Dutch relations in science and scholarship.
The prize is awarded on a rotating basis to researchers in the humanities and social sciences, the natural sciences, and the life sciences.
Prize: € 23.000

Epilepsie Foundation Dissertation award
Prize: € 2.500

Eppendorf Award For Young European Investigators
For young scientists for outstanding achievements in the field of biomedical research based on methods of molecular biology. Presented in partnership with the scientific journal Nature.
Prize: € 15.000

Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology
For a young scientist for the most outstanding neurobiological research based on methods of molecular and cell biology conducted by him/her during the past three years.
Prize: US$ 25.000

ESCI Award (European Society for Clinical Investigation)
For Excellence in Basic/Translational Research.
Prize: € 50.000 

Eureka Prize for Science Communication (KNAW)
The Eureka Prize is awarded to scientists and journalists who have done an outstanding job of communicating scientific research to the general public. Both individuals and teams are eligible for nomination.
Prize: € 12.500

European Brain Research Prize (Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation)
For 'highly original and influential advance in brain research'. Candidates must be nominated.
Prize: € 1.000.000

Fyssen Foundation Award
To encourage scientific research of cognition, human behaviour, their biological and cultural bases, and phylogenetic and ontogenetic development.
Prize: € 50.000 

George Winter award
This award is established to recognise, encourage and stimulate outstanding research contributions to the field of biomaterials.
Prize: certificate, a plaque and a refund of the registration fee and travelling expenses to the conference.

Gruber Foundation
For original discoveries in the fields of genetic function, regulation, transmission, or variation or in genomic organization.
Prize: US $ 500.000

Heineken Prijs voor Medisch Wetenschappen
The Heineken Prizes are international prizes awarded every other year to five internationally renowned scientists and one highly talented Dutch visual artist for their great merits to science, Dutch art and society.
Prize: € 150.000

Lillian Jean Kaplan International Prize (ISN - International Society of Nephrology)
For the Advancement in the Understanding of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)
Prize: US $50,000

Izaak Korteweg en Anna Ida Overwaterfonds
For information, contact: Prof. Dr. P. Nieuwenhuis, tel. 050-3185918, e-mail: Contact
Prize: 2  medical awards- € 5.000 -  for innovative and social relevant research.

Jean Leray award
To recognise, encourage and stimulate outstanding research contributions to the field of biomaterials.
Prize: a certificate, a plaque, a refund of the registration fee and travelling expenses to the conference and a cash prize

The Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research
The Marsha Rivkin Center funds promising research for ovarian cancer. These studies and researchers are selected through a highly competitive process. Each application is individually reviewed by a panel of nationally recognized experts for its scientific merit, novelty, and potential to impact the prevention, detection, treatment, and understanding of the disease. There are two streams of scientific funding:

  • study awards
  • scientific scholar awards

Prize: US $ 60.000 and US $ 75.000

Merianprijs (KNAW)
For excellent female scientists. Universities, research institutes, scientific associations and other scientists can nominate candidates.
Prize: € 50.000

Muntendam Prijs (KWF)
Prize for someone who have made an extraordinary contribution to cancer control in the Netherlands.
Prize: € 50.000, an certificate and a bronze medal

Nijbakker Morra Prijs
Prize for students, who are specially driven for and talented in research to the field of cancer.
Prize: € 1.500  
Info:  Contact
+31 71 - 52 66 624/52 69 405

Saal van Zwanenberg prijs
Prize for a researcher with an impressive pharmacotherapy oevre.
Prize: € 25.000

Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Award
Funding for basic, clinical and translational breast cancer research and for innovative projects in the areas of breast health education and breast cancer screening and treatment.
Prize: Scholarship of $10,000 a year  

Trofee voor de Wetenschap (Hersenstichting)
For young post PhD scientists, that made important research contributions to the field of brain diseases.
Prize: € 1500

UNIVÉ Paludanus Prize
For an institute, organisation or person that made a concrete contribution to the quality of healthcare.
Prize: € 10.000

Vision award (Champalimaud Foundation)
The award is given alternately between contributions to overall vision research (even numbered years) and contributions to the alleviation of visual problems, primarily in developing countries (odd numbered years).
Prize: € 1.000.000

Von Humbolt Prijs
It is open to any eminent researcher with a permanent contract of employment at a Dutch university, KNAW or NWO research institute, NKI or MPI Nijmegen to nominate a German candidate for an NWO Von Humboldt Research Prize. Similarly, German researchers can nominate Dutch candidates for the prizes awarded by VHS.
Prize: max € 4500