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Requesting data for research


​​​The Eurocat database contains a wealth of data for scientific research. For example, Eurocat has collected data on the occurrence of various kinds of anomalies and on a large number of risk factors. You can contact us if you are interested in using Eurocat data for your research. If you have specific questions about the data we collect, please contact us or mention this in your research question on your application form. If you have a specific research question, we can help you think about how to tackle it and provide you with relevant data.

A number of conditions and provisions apply to our providing data from our database, as established in our terms and con​ditions​ (in Dutch).

You can fill in the application form for research data here (link). If you are planning to attend a conference and want to give a lecture on a subject in the field of congenital anomalies, we can provide you with recent and content-specific data.