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Legal information about the handling of personal data


The Eurocat registration of congenital disorders resorts under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it comes to the processing of personal data. 

We work in accordance with the Medical Treatment Agreements Act (WGBO) and the Health Research Code of Conduct. The latter has been established by the board of The Federa (Foundation Federation of Dutch Medical Scientific Societies). The Medical-Scientific Research with People Act (WMO) does not apply to this research. 

The Eurocat research and the registration of personal data for that purpose does not concern medical-scientific research as described in the WMO. The protection of personal data in the Eurocat registration is laid down in the form of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The rights of participants and the working method and objectives of Eurocat are also included. 

You can request the regulations from the Eurocat secretariat via Contact or (050) 361 71 15. The data registered with Eurocat falls under the responsibility of the head of the Genetics department.

More information about how the UMCG handles your privacy can be found in the privacystatement.​