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Machine Learning Lab


​​​​The DASH Machine Learning Lab (MLL) consists of a core team that supports the UMCG community with respect to the knowledge and utilization of data science and artificial intelligence. The MLL aims to connect with a broader machine learning community by, for example, participating in public machine learning and data science challenges or hackathons with a UMCG-DASH team.

The MLL runs individual (research) projects and initiatives to boost the introduction of new knowledge, tools and equipment within the UMCG.

Biweekly MLL-research meetings are organized, where PhDs, postdocs and staff discuss machine learning-related topics on a technical level. Currently, approximately 25 researchers from six different departments are involved in the MLL meetings. All UMCG researchers with an interest in machine learning-related topics are welcome to attend these meetings. Want to join the MLL meetings? Send an email to Contact.​​