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​​​​​Getting involved in DASH activities

DASH offers a variety of activities to advance data science in health. ​

  • DASH Sp​arkl​e Events increase the knowledge on data science in healthcare by featuring speakers who share their experiences with the audience, and are a great opportunity to exchange knowledge with others.
  • The Machine Learning Lab provides support to the whole UMCG community considering machine learning matters, connects a machine learning community and offers biweekly research meetings to discuss machine learning-related topics on a technical level.
  • AiMED is a student-led organization wanting to raise awareness about AI in medicine and organizes lectures and other activities, mainly for medical students.
  • ​​Participation in Data Science Challenges in the field of medicine for PhD students to develop new skills and earn credits.
  • ​​Online courses​ on Machine Learning and Deep learning for PhD students.​​