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About DASH


​​​​​Advancing data science in health

DASH is the Data Science Center in Health of the UMCG: a knowledge hub, community and facilitator in the area of health data science. DASH aims to advance data science in health by supporting innovative research projects and by bringing experts in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence together.

An overview of what DASH achieved in 2019: download pdf

What DASH can do for you

DASH provides assistance in overcoming major challenges you might encounter in data science and research IT facilities; problems that emerge during innovative research approaches that push the boundaries of what is currently possible. For instance: ethical, legal and societal issues (ELSI) that arise whilst performing groundbreaking data intensive research, coupling of data sets, developing and implementing advanced methods of data analysis, coming up with next level IT solutions or finding partners. DASH is a community and can therefore connect you to knowledge and people. It can bring you into contact with other UMCG departments or researchers that can help you with their expertise, but it can also introduce you to external specialists or (business) partners.

What DASH offers

  • ​DASH Projects: promising research projects that involve challenges regarding research IT and data science and that receive dedicated support from the DASH team to get started.
  • ​Education: involvement in educational activities, such as the minor ‘Data Wise’ at the University of Groningen and supporting the student organization AiMED in setting up a course on AI.
  • Machine Learning Lab: providing support to the whole UMCG community with machine learning matters and running research projects.
  • Community Building: connecting the data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning community by, for example, organizing the DASH Sparkle Events and the biweekly Machine Learning Lab meetings.
  • Needs Assessment: registering needs, challenges, bottlenecks and other input regarding data science, in order to facilitate solutions.
  • Funding Opportunities: providing financial support for the selected DASH projects as well as providing advice on funding opportunities.
  • Communication: contributing to various outreach activities, for example the AI exhibition in FORUM Groningen, and networking as part of the Data Federation Hub.
  • ​Collaborations Incubator: starting pilot projects with public and/or private partners, in close collaboration with the Center for Development and Innovation.