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Personalized Healthcare Technology


​​Technology has been of great influence on all aspects of society so far and with the exponential increase in processing power and the miniaturization of hardware, a new era in diagnosis, treatment planning and care can be foreseen. This indicates that a programme that encompasses new technology will be able to stay in front of this wave, producing innovative solutions for the diagnostic and treatment workflow. ​

With ageing, citizens increasingly experience physical decline and mental & cognitive decline. Lifestyle-related factors, like nutrition, smoking and a decrease in physical exercise, cause or aggravate these problems. One innovative strategy is in changing the current patient care to health care; changing cure to prevention: not repairing damage, but preventing that damage occurs. Key for this is a system with which citizens can monitor their health and get advice on how to prevent health decline (self-management). 

Another challenge in the current healthcare system is effective implementation of a 3D technology-based workflow in the clinical work floor. 3D clinical workflow  consists of scanning, computer aided design, operation planning, and manufacturing (including 3D milling and 3D printing).​

Prpgramme leaders

Bart Verkerke
Joerd van der Meer


PHT strives to deliver innovative and personalized health technology to tackle clinical problems in medicine and dentistry and to enhance health self-management for independent living and improvement of quality of life. 

​Within the above described context, the main aims are:

  • To maintain and improve quality of life of chronic patients and vulnerable citizens by providing a comprehensive, ​validated and accessible toolbox with innovative self-sensing and intervention tools to assist and enhance health self-management. 

  • To develop an ICT and 3D technology platform to acquire and process data in order to enable appropriate clinical decisions for personalized healthcare intervention. 

  • To explore the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning in particular its applications in health care.