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Like many others, researchers at the Research Institute SHARE frequently encounter problems in finding - and selecting –adequate questionnaires. Often essential information is lacking, there is no translation, it is not clear what is the original versions, information is missing necessary to calculate scale scores and there is insufficient insight into validity and reliability of the questionnaires. For these reasons, we decided to present relevant information from a number of questionnaires often used by SHARE researchers.All these questionnaires have something to do with aspects or determinants of 'Quality of Life' , such as functional status, social support, personality characteristics.
Some of these questionnaires have been developed within SHARE. In other cases instructions for use of questionnaires have been developed in collaboration with SHARE researchers.
Please note that use of the questionnaires may be subject to copy rights (you find them in the documents).


Prof R Sanderman
FLP van Sonderen, PhD