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Research Institute SHARE  (Science in Healthy Ageing & healthcaRE) is one of the five Research Institutes of the University Medial Center Groningen.  We accommodate nine research programmes, ranging from psychiatry to public health, from the evaluation of psychological interventions to the development of rehabilitation programmes for patients with chronic pain and evaluation of drug prescription systems.

1. SHARE Research

The mission of the Research Institute SHARE is to elucidate factors related to health, notably healthy ageing.

Research on determinants and consequences of illness and ageing, quality of life, care and cure is conducted within multiple interdisciplinary research programs.

We investigate and evaluate factors which are patient-related (psychosocial, onset of affective disorders, genetic predisposition) and / or healthcare system related (rehabilitation programs, pharmacotherapeutic interventions, public and occupational health, legal and ethical values). We aim to add to the adaptation to disease and to the societal participation of patients with chronic somatic and mental disease and to study cost-effectiveness and efficacy of pharmaceutical and psychosocial interventions. 

SHARE Research is conducted within research programmes, with each their own core theme.

Examples of topics are:

  • Healthy ageing
  • Determinants of health and illness
  • Consequences of illness
  • Effects of medical treatment and decision-making
  • Psychosocial interventions 
  • The evaluation of health services
  • Etiology of common mental disorders
  • Innovation of medical training programmes
  • Improving health of pregnant women and their offspring
  • Rehabilitation programmes
  • Human movement sciences

More information about the programmes, including an overview of current projects and a link to the programme's publications and dissertations is to be found under Research Programmes.

2. PhD Training Programme

The Graduate School of Medical Sciences offers a PhD training programme  for all PhD students conducting research within SHARE, i.e. for regular PhD students, foreign scholarship PhD students, clinicians and 'external' PhD students.
Aim of the training programme is: (1) to support PhD students while carrying out PhD research, (2) to develop the knowledge and skills needed to be an excellent researcher and thus prepare the PhD student for a scientific career.
More information about the PhD training programme is to be found under PhD students.

3. Research Master

The departments of Epidemiology, Health Sciences (sections Health Psychology and Public Health) and Social Psychiatry developed a two-year Research Master Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology, which offers training to ambitious students to become academic researchers. More information, including programme, courses and application is to be found under Research Master.