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U4 University Network - ‘Ageing Brain’


In 2008 the Ghent University, the University of Göttingen, the University of Groningen, and Uppsala University formed a strategic partnership. The partnership stands for a preferential, but not exclusive cooperation in European and International projects, for the development of joint initiatives in research and education and for the organisation and promotion of staff and student exchange.

Activities within the U4 Network partnership have been streamlined through 5 thematic clusters, including ‘Brain Ageing’. The aim of the Research Network 'Ageing Brain' is to study early hallmarks and diagnosis of normal and abnormal brain ageing. Within this network PhD students are active within several joint PhD projects.

The U4 strategic partnership is a preferential, but not exclusive cooperation. Since 2008 several universities (i.e. UBC (Vancouver), McGill University (Montreal), University of Copenhagen, Mayo Clinic and Newcastle University) collaborate with the partners of the U4 Research Network 'Ageing Brain' both on the level of grant writing and research projects.

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