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Medicinal Chemistry & Bioanalysis (MCB)


The Medicinal Chemistry and Bioanalysis (MCB) program consists of 8 Principle Investigators in three GRIP basic units (Analytical Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Drug Design) and 3 Principle Investigators from adjacent GRIP units whose primary GUIDE affiliation is Biopharmaceuticals, Discovery, Design, and Delivery (BDDD).(See Appendix 1 for the table listing the PIs who make up MCB. See also main Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy (GRIP) report, Section 1.2, Description of the Institute, for an explanation of the relationship between GRIP units and GUIDE MCB and BDDD programs.) Altogether, the MCB program combines expertise in (bio)analytical chemistry, medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. In 2013, the name of the program was changed from Synthesis & Analysis to Medicinal Chemistry and Bioanalysis to better reflect the mission and ongoing research activities of this GUIDE program. 

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The MCB program plays a unique role within GUIDE as it links medicinal chemistry and bioanalysis to biomedicine and clinical practice. The MCB research lines fall generally into the category of early drug development, and as such rely on researchers who have strong backgrounds in synthetic and bioanalytical chemistry, as well as a unique pharmaceutical perspective. Three GRIP research units (Drug Design, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Analytical Biochemistry) form the core of the program. Three PIs (Casini, Dekker and Poelarends) from the BDDD also contribute to the MCB program to expand the medicinal chemistry side and ensure increased diversity in drug discovery activities. While each GRIP unit has a core business and expertise set of its own, the PIs operate projects which are often very interdisciplinary in nature. Internal collaborations within the MCB program and with PIs in other GUIDE programs are thus commonplace, in keeping with the nature of modern drug research.


MCB Mission: Drug development through medicinal and bioanalytical chemistry 
MCB Vision: Our vision is to enable efficient translation of results from fundamental research to the patient bedside.

Relevance to Healthy Ageing  

The group “Drug Design” has multiple local and international collaborations in the area of “Healthy Ageing” contributing to the network but also contribute financially via several shared grants (QNRF, Qatar; NIH).
The group Analytical Biochemistry participates in the NWO project “Systems Biology Centre for Energy Metabolism and Ageing” and supports other ageing-related projects with bioanalytical expertise.
The Pharmaceutical Analysis group has two healthy aging-related projects funded by the European Union (Framework 7), one on the development of a new nanotechnology-based paradigm for engineering vascularised liver tissue for transplantation (NanoBio4Trans), the other on the development of biophotonic diagnostic tools for cardiovascular disease (LiPhos).