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GRIAC PI Job van Boven will lead novel European COST Action on Medication Adherence

03 April 2020

​The Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) of the European Union has decided to provide 4-year funding for the European Network to Advance Best Practices & Technologies on Medication Adherence (ENABLE). The network consists of clinicians, researchers, and industry partners from 22 countries and will be led by GRIAC Principal Investigator Job van Boven of the department of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacology of the UMCG. He is also the founding director of the multidisciplinary Medication Adherence Expertise Center Of the northern Netherlands (MAECON) in which more GRIAC members are participating. Amongst others, the grant will be used to:

  • Stimulate the creation of multidisciplinary medication adherence expertise centers in different European countries
  • Review novel adherence enhancing technologies (e.g. smart inhalers, smart pill bottles, blisters, apps, big data) and catalyze their implementation
  • Organize conferences, stakeholder meetings and short-term fellowships for early career investigators

Job van Boven: "We know that almost 50% of people that use chronic medication experience difficulties in taking them. Of note, due to the complex inhaled route of drug administration, for people with asthma and/or COPD this is even more challenging. Incorrect use of medication can lead to uncontrolled disease, hospital admission and high costs. Especially in these times, there is an urgent need for smart technologies and solutions that can assist patients making the most out of their medication. Additionally, this can help healthcare providers to tailor their treatments and dosages to patients’ real-world drug utilization. We are really looking forward to work together in order to propel the implementation of these novel adherence enhancing technologies across Europe!”
The European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) is a funding organisation for the creation of research networks, called COST Actions. These networks offer an open space for collaboration among scientists across Europe (and beyond) and thereby give impetus to research advancements and innovation. Since 1971, COST receives EU funding under the various research and innovation framework programmes, such as Horizon 2020.

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