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Longfonds junior investigator grant for Dr. Alen Faiz

09 February 2017

​Dr. Alen Faiz received a junior investigator grant from the Longfonds with which he will investigate the genetic and epigenetic drivers of cigarette smoke susceptibility in COPD. Alen will assess the influence of genetic polymorphisms on the transcriptional response of  the bronchial epithelium to smoke exposure. He will investigate smoking-induced expression Quantitative Trait Loci (eQTLs) in a unique cohort of subjects with and without COPD before and after smoking and investigate whether changes in DNA-methylation after smoking cessation are different in patients with COPD compared to asymptomatic smokers. His studies will allow early identification of susceptible subjects and provide new and important insights into the persistent epigenetic changes caused by smoking with the ultimate aim to provide new treatment targets for early intervention.

Congratulations to Alen!

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