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Best poster award for Elianne Vrijlandt at CIPP XVII (Toledo, Spain)

05 July 2018

​​​Elianne won the price for her research concerning pulmonary outcomes of moderately-late-preterm born(MLP) children in adolescence. The aim of this study was to determine the long-term effects of moderately-late preterm birth on respiratory and allergic symptoms, lung function and exercise capacity. This was a prospective cohort study (LOLLIPOP-cohort). Outcome variables were prevalence of symptoms determined by ISAAC Questionnaires, lung function and exercise parameters. 71 children (aged 13-14 years) participated in the measurements, 37 MLP and 34 full-term born (FT). Both groups were comparable in height, weight and exercise activities, but differed in gestational age (MLP 34± 1 weeks, FT 39± 0.9 weeks) and birth weight (MLP 2442 ± 539g, FT 3693 ± 393g). MLP adolescents reported more (dry) cough (MLP 25% vs FT 3%, p=0.016) and hay fever (MLP 34% vs FT 9%, p=0.015). MLP did not report more wheeze, dyspnea, asthma and eczema. Most lung function measurements were within the normal range for both groups, except PEF (MLP 86% pred vs FT 93% pred, p=0.05) and MEF75, (MLP 86% pred vs FT 96% pred, p=0.06) which were at the lower limit of normal. No differences between the groups in exercise parameters were observed.


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