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Asthma research collaboration between GRIAC and MIcompany expanded

17 June 2020

​Image recognition and bayesian networks will be applied to high-resolution lung images and DNA expression in cells​

More than a year ago, the researcher of GRIAC within the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and MIcompany started a cross-border collaboration in the field of asthma and allergy research. The goal of this research is to create medical breakthroughs by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the massive available amount of multi-level DNA data. The results of this collaboration are beyond all expectations. Professor Gerard Koppelman at the UMCG: “the robustness and prediction power of the developed models are unique in the field”. Founding partner Marnix Bügel PhD of MIcompany: “the unlimited richness of DNA data stretches our capabilities in the field of AI. Furthermore, it offers us the opportunity to attract the best talent in the market”. Based on the early successes of the collaboration, new research streams have been defined. These apply Image Recognition and Bayesian Networks AI techniques to single cell DNA expression data and high-resolution lung images.​

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