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Orestes Carpaij wins the NRS Young Investigator Award 2019

18 April 2019

During the last “Week van de Longen”, Orestes Carpaij won the NRS Young Investigator Award.  This is a prize of €5000.- for the best abstract, by a researcher younger than 35 years. The abstract is about a new device (i.e. Particles of Exhaled Air; PExA) that enables us to measure small and large airway disease in asthma, that can distinguish the exhaled particle mass of asthmatics from healthy controls and complete asthma remission subjects. Both results are novel and give new insight in small airway dysfunction. These insights are important since small airway disease is a major site of pathology in asthma, yet is difficult to study and target. Although the award goes to young investigators, Orestes wishes to acknowledge the whole Asthma Remission Study team. In this group, he has worked enthusiastically for more than three years, enrolling subjects for this project. The data will also be presented during the American Thoracic Society meeting 2019 in Dallas and Bronchitis X in Groningen.​

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