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GRIAC investigator Jan Willem Kocks involved in large European research network

28 April 2017

​​​​​​A consortium of European investigators including GRIAC investigator Dr Jan Willem Kocks will establish a Registry of European Asthma Clinical Research Centers (SHARP Registry) across the European continent. The primary aim of this registry is to bring  the expertise in clinical research in asthma together with people with asthma in order to create a vibrant, ambitious and effective platform for clinical research. The platform will be based on principles of inclusiveness, meritocracy, fairness, transparency and accountability, with "improving lives of people with asthma" as the core mission.

The aim is to a) gat​her essential information about the clinical and scientific expertise, existing capabilities and supporting infrastructure in centers across Europe, b) to create a registry of people with severe asthma, and c) to undertake research of relevance to people with asthma that can best be done through large collaborations. The platform will not be a static platform but one that evolves on the basis of needs for research and the needs of people with asthma.

The registry would also have a longer term aspiration to raise standards/quality of research across the network of asthma centers in Europe, harmonise, wherever appropriate, the standard operating procedures, and serve the educational agenda of ERS (e.g. through clinical fellowships).

The SHARP registry will seek to achieve a cultural transformation in respect of the way that research is conducted, placing people with asthma at its core, empowering them to drive the agenda that serves their clinical needs and secure excellence in reserve delivery.

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